A Counselor of Real Estate is a “unique professional in the commercial real estate industry. Experienced, smart, judicious, and thoughtful, a Counselor is committed to one objective: To provide intelligent and objective real estate advice that achieves the best results for a client or employer.”


Real estate counseling is not a specific discipline such as brokerage, management, or appraisal. Rather, real estate counseling is a process-one that requires extensive knowledge, technical competency, thoughtful analysis, and critical inquiry. Real estate decision makers call upon the Counselor’s in-depth real estate knowledge for a breadth of services, ranging from mergers and acquisitions to expert witness testimony.  A Counselor of Real Estate serves as the link between defining the problem and devising a solution of measurable economic value.


In a commercial real estate world with more than 150,000 practitioners, only 1,100 advisors worldwide have been invited to call themselves Counselors of Real Estate. As part of a selective membership process, Counselors demonstrate that they provide meaningful real estate counsel and that they are recognized for the highest levels of knowledge and trust in their business relationships. The CRE membership process also requires evidence of outstanding accomplishment, impeccable judgment, and commitment to integrity in real estate. Once a member, the Counselor acquires the “CRE” designation as a distinguishing credential. A Counselor­ or CR E-is one of the most experienced and trusted advisors in real estate.