Our Deliverables

For years, the advisors at Red Bird have spent significant time and energy collecting information that would help our clients learn more about how to journey through the opportunities, challenges and best practices of commercial real estate. And as always, we want to share that information with you.

The Due Diligence 360° Assessment™

In the first phase of our process, we’ll evaluate all the dangers, opportunities and strengths associated with your assets. We’ll complete a 221-Point Due Diligence Checklist to ensure disclosure of all physical and capital issues, as well as any potential concerns with entitlement, planning, zoning, transit, utilities, adjacent owners and the environment. During this phase, we’ll also coordinate with key stakeholders to establish Key Performance Indicators and agree on our goals.

The VOTA Report™

The VOTA stands for Vision, Opposition, Transformation and Action. The advisors at Red Bird work to bring clarity to complex commercial real estate issues by providing a vision for an asset, the obstacles that are opposing the vision and how to transform the raw materials that the obstacles present with clear action items.

The Prepared to Win-Win Negotiation Worksheet™

Before an important negotiation, Red Bird Advisors will take the time to answer the questions on our proprietary negotiation worksheet. This thorough assessment of the client’s interests, and of those of the other side, will help you in identifying strong alternatives, generate novel purposes and stimulate discussion at the table.

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