The Confident Asset Acquisition Process Diagram

Maximum Value. Minimum Headache.

This diagram outlines the process by which we help our clients successfully manage real estate acquisitions and achieve results that are satisfactory to all constituents

Prepared to Win-Win™

A Negotiation Worksheet

A thorough assessment of your interests and that of the other party’s will help you in identifying strong alternatives, generate novel proposals, and stimulate discussion at the table.

White Papers For Buyers

We live in a DIY society. Although you’ll still find people who are more than willing to hire a professional service to cut the grass or pay the techs down at the local JiffyLube to perform a routine oil change, there are an increasing number of people who are taking matters into their own hands.

The Benefits of Working with a Commercial Real Estate Agent, Part 1

Taking Your Pick: What to Expect from a Commercial Realtor

Relationships as Assets: Building a Winning Relationship with your Real Estate Agent