The Strategic Tenant Advocate Process Diagram

Maximum Value. Minimum Headache.

 This diagram outlines the process of identifying and negotiating the best possible tenant arrangement for your business. It ensures a thorough selection process, extensive due diligence and justifiable decisions to help you get the right price, the right terms and the right lease.


Value Added Scorecard

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Key Performance Indicators Client Evaluation Form

White Papers For Office

An office building or even a single unit of office space can be a valuable investment for a commercial property owner. In order to get the best return on that investment, your property needs to be leased to paying tenants.

Watch This Space: Preparing an Office for Lease

The Top 5 Reasons to Sublease Office Space

The Top 5 Reasons Not to Sublease Office Space

White Papers For Industrial Leasing

Leasing a warehouse is a far cry from leasing office space. Put simply, there are many more things to bear in mind when you lease industrial space that you wouldn’t normally have to concern yourself with when signing a commercial lease for a standard office building.

A Few Things to Remember when Leasing Industrial Space

Putting Your Best Square Foot Forward: Tips to Rent Industrial Space

Negotiating Industrial Leases: What Should You Ask?

White Papers For Lease Negotiations

Despite the fact that it seems to make sense to try to get the cheapest rate possible when leasing offices or industrial space, lease negotiations shouldn’t always be about “the bottom line”.

The Benefits of Paying More- Negotiating Flexibility in Your Lease

If You Got it, Flex it- How to Ensure Leverage for Lease Renegotiations

The Art of Communication and Preparation: Dos and Don'ts in Lease Negotiations